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Home 9 Project 9 MLI Homestay New Website
Home 9 Project 9 MLI Homestay New Website

MLI Homestay came to Digital Giants looking to see how they could make their website better and drive more host applications on their website.

Right away we noticed on their old website that there wasn’t a clear path to purchase for their website users. The content on the website was lacking to address the questions and challenges they were facing and was mostly focused on the awareness phase. 

MLI agreed it was time to take a step back and start from the beginning – develop their marketing personas, generate clear paths to purchase for each, and identify the content required on their new website to help their users make informed decisions and ultimately convert.


Service Based Business


Buyer Journey

Our collaboration with MLI Homestay involved creating a website path to purchase for each of their 5 unique personas. We assisted them in extracting the essential information that their persona’s needed throughout their journey. We clearly detailed the progression through each funnel stage (discovery, consideration, conversion and advocacy), while identifying pain points that were experienced by the personas at each stage.



MLI Homestay also had 2 additional sister companies: MLIESL and CISS Canada that were also in need of an update both in terms of design and content. When we began thinking of the design for the sites we wanted to choose something that would work across all three brands, enough that it would allow each site to stand out individually but also with enough similarity that their was a cohesive look from the fonts, colours and overall design elements.

Slide to see the before (left) and after (right) of the MLI Homestay Website

MLI Homestay Website - Before UpdatesMLI Homestay Website - After Updates


During the discovery phase of the website development process we outlined the plugins that would be manditory to allow the site to function well from both a backend and frontend perspective. We chose the Knowledge Base plugin to easily organize their FAQs. We utilized WP Forms to begin the arduous process of transitioning all of their PDF forms to web-based forms. 

Mobile friendly

While our websites are naturally designed to work great on mobile devices, we take an extra stride by meticulously testing them to ensure not only a smooth appearance but also seamless functionality across all mobile devices. If any parts happen to not transition perfectly, we’ll manually tweak them to ensure your users have an outstanding experience.

Let’s go

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