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Home 9 Project 9 Jeff Long Counselling New Website
Home 9 Project 9 Jeff Long Counselling New Website

Jeff Long Counselling came to Digital Giants to start his new business on the right foot – creating his marketing personas, clearly outlining their buyer journey, creating an SEO-optimized sitemap and finally building a beautiful website! See how we took him through the full website development process from start to finish.


Service Based Business


Buyer Journey

We worked with Jeff to create a website path to purchase for each of his 5 personas. We helped him pull out pertinent information that his potential clients needed throughout their journey. We clearly outlined each funnel stage (discovery, consideration, conversion and advocacy) and what pain points were experienced by the personas at each stage.



By meticulously defining the buyer journey for each persona, we gained insight into the necessary pages and content for the new website. From there we were able to create a comprehensive sitemap that outlined the pages to be built, along with corresponding content summaries. Additionally, we equipped Jeff with a spreadsheet that had a list of content missing that he could gradually generate, post-website launch, as part of his content marketing efforts.

Reviews & Approvals

We were able to collaborate with Jeff using a third-party program – Atarim, that allowed us to share the development site with him and have them annotate the website pages with changes they wanted to make. Saving time, effort and frustration!

Website Maintenance & Support

Jeff’s new website will stay fast and safe with our monthly website maintenance plan. He will also benefit from additional support when needed to update the site’s content, add images or publish a blog. 

Let’s go

We can’t wait to hear from you about your most pressing digital hurdle, and start brainstorming how we can help! Fill out the form or book a strategy session with us to jump-start your digital marketing.



Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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