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From website concept and digital strategy; to design and development,

Digital Giants will bring your website’s vision to life. Since 2012, we ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of websites, while enhancing visitor satisfaction and increasing your profits.

Our web developers make websites that look great and work well on mobile and desktop. They help visitors easily see and understand what you have to offer.

We partner with organizations to build beautiful sites that attract the right visitors, start conversations and make your phone ring.

Let’s get started building your website.

Refined & Defined

Our web development process


We meet to immediately begin discovering how we can make you successful. We conduct a thorough survey to gather information about your website. This includes identifying its strengths, weaknesses, and your objectives for the new site.


Every project, regardless of size, begins with goals and a game plan: What do your buyer personas want from your website? What does the site need to accomplish? How does it convey your brand story? A comprehensive website brief drives the design.


To make a beautiful site, we start with a draft design based on strategy and user experience. We create a content style guide and begin drafting your website’s content happens at this stage. All digital assets are prepared for development.


Once you’ve approved your new site, we still have more work to do! We test your website extensively to ensure it functions properly and delivers an excellent user experience on all devices and browsers.


Finally, the moment has arrived — the launch day of your new website! We will manage the launch process for taking your website live and will proactively monitor for any issues that may arise.


Your post-launch plan includes training and 30 days of website support. We also have packages to help your website grow and stay updated every month for the long term.

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Website Maintenance & Support

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Part of what we do here at Digital Giants is assessing websites for organizations. After reviewing hundreds of sites since we started in 2012 we can quickly determine why a website sucks. Next, we analyze data to show why it’s not working as expected and, of course, how to make it better. Because that’s the beauty of a website — it’s measurable and fixable, often with just minor tweaks.

Digital Giants has compiled the top reasons why your website might not be high-performing.


Frequently asked questions

We’ve been designing and building websites since 2012. And funny enough, every time we start a new project, we tend to get asked similar questions.

What type of clients do you work with?

Our client base extends from Barrie to provincial, national, and even international locations. Our services cater to a diverse range of entities, including small to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

What industries do you serve?

We work with clients in a variety of industries:

  • Professional services
  • Manufacturing
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Not-for-profit
What CMS do you work with?

We can build on whatever platform you want, but we personally love to build on WordPress since it is flexible, SEO friendly and secure.

Can Digital Giants write my content?

Absolutely! We’re here to assist you in brainstorming, composing, and refining the written content for your website. Moreover, even after your website is established, we offer comprehensive content marketing solutions, including crafting blogs, creating engaging social media content, and generating content for landing pages.

In the event that writing isn’t within your comfort zone, we can arrange for a professional content writer to handle the task on your behalf. 

How long does it take to build a new website?

Depending on the complexity of your project (type of site, search engine optimization (SEO), plugins, APIs, etc.), it can take between 2 to 5 months to design and develop and launch. In our experience, creating written content is typically what takes the longest in any new website development process. Some of our clients hire a writer to accelerate the process, others do it all in-house and some choose a hybrid model.

How involved do I need to be in my website's project?

Throughout our process, there are several crucial stages where your engagement is vital:

  1. Initial Planning: At the outset, your involvement is essential for shaping the website’s direction. Your insights, from the target personas you wish to connect with to the sitemap, are invaluable as you possess the most intimate understanding of your customers.

  2. Content Development: Crafting content can be a time-intensive endeavour, as indicated in points #1 and #3. We must ascertain whether you intend to repurpose content from your current site or provide new material.

    • In case you opt for fresh content, it’s important to determine who will be responsible for its composition. Should you prefer not to handle the writing, we can arrange for a skilled content writer to assist you.

    • If you choose to write the content yourself, allocate 1-2 hours (adjusting based on the volume of content per page) for each page on your website. It’s crucial that the content is thoroughly proofread, spell-checked, and polished to its final form.

    • Additionally, unless you’ve chosen our service to acquire stock imagery (incurring extra time and image-related expenses), it’s your responsibility to supply images, videos, and any other graphical assets according to the specified guidelines.

  3. Approvals and Timeline: We provide a comprehensive timeline that outlines crucial milestones and required responses from you. Our proven web development process at Digital Giants is designed to ensure a seamless experience, making the entire journey as effortless as possible for you, our valued client.

How much does a new website cost?

How much does a new website cost to build is probably the most common question we get asked, and unfortunately … it depends!

Many things factor into how much a website costs – including:

  • Is it a custom design, or will we be building from a theme
  • How many pages do you want/need
  • Special functionality (plugins, API integrations, forms, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Will you be providing written content or will we be writing for you
  • Will you be providing images or will we source them for you

You can read more about this topic in our blog: how much should a website cost

Do I need to buy one of your website maintenance packages?

We strongly advise considering an investment in a website maintenance package, relieving you from the responsibilities of managing tasks such as updating WordPress core files, theme components, plugins, security enhancements, and website testing. By entrusting us, we ensure your website remains swift, secure, and finely tuned.

Curious about the consequences of neglecting website maintenance? This blog delves deeper into the benefits of outsourcing website maintenance.

Will I be able to edit my website after it's done?

Absolutely! Unless the client has a particular website builder in mind, we highly recommend utilizing the Divi Builder. Divi presents a user-friendly, visual editor that empowers you to directly modify your website on the front end, mirroring the user experience. Once your website is crafted, we furnish a comprehensive 2-hour training session (in recorded format) to guide you and your team through tasks like text and image editing, form creation, blog generation, and beyond. Divi’s simplicity has proven to be incredibly user-friendly for all our clients.


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