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Home 9 Project 9 Schlafender Hase New Website
Home 9 Project 9 Schlafender Hase New Website

Schlafender Hase came to Digital Giants looking for help to improve the user experience on their Squarespace site. After reviewing their personas and buyer journey, Digital Giants recommended a number of site improvements leading to a redesign and subsequently moving the entire site to WordPress.





The client had outgrown their old site and needed to support future growth. The site had grown from 5-10 pages at inception to a 140-page, content-rich website on Squarespace that could no longer support their web presence. Our recommendation to move to WordPress allowed for greater design flexibility, customer centric plugins for a better user experience, with multi-lingual capacity and opportunity to grow with the organization.


Buyer Journey

As part of our website planning and SEO work with Schlafender Hase, we reviewed their personas and on/off-site buyer journey to identify content gaps, and align the keyword structure with the website to ensure any prospects could easily move from awareness, consideration and ultimately to conversion. Our work together resulted in improving the brand positioning and competitor differentiation, better clarity around the products and services, a new site architecture, an improved SEO structure, and overall a significantly better user experience.

Custom WordPress Design

When it came to the website’s design, we worked with the client to update the current design versus a whole redesign.  We updated the colour palette to include a dark blue colour to provide a bolder contrast to the other colours while giving the brand increased authority as the global leader in proofreading software and services for regulated industries. The final custom design update for the website included the new colour, improved page layouts and new content to enhance the user experience and flow of information.

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