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Is your website responsive? If not, you could be losing valuable business. 

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The mobile way is the only way

Chances are you are reading this on a mobile device.

Despite the tremendous growth in mobile devices, many designers and developers are still designing for desktop computers or big screens on their desks, rather than for the tablet or phone you may be holding in your hand.

Mobile Friendly design ensures your website delivers the best experience for mobile users as well as desktop, regardless of the screen size.

What is mobile-first design?

Mobile-first design is a design strategy that says when you create a website or app, you start by designing and prototyping the smallest screen first and work your way up to larger screens. In essence, it’s about delivering the right user experience to the right device.

Content First

Content becomes the priority in Mobile-first design. This design creates a hierarchy of content users need, use and appreciate. Designing with restrictions and limitations forces the user experience designer to remove unnecessary elements and focus on the essential.

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