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Kaycan came to Digital Giants when they discovered they did not show up in search results for their products within their largest market. When people searched for Kaycan’s products online they would find Kaycan’s vendors or competitors instead.





  • Rank on the first page of Google for their products and increase their visibility among their audience in search.
  • Increase Kaycan’s organic search traffic
  • Increase the number of conversions and leads from the website.


How we got there

Digital Giants re-organized the site structure so it was logical to both users and search engines.

Digital Giants worked with Kaycan’s marketing team to optimize the website’s pages for their keywords and the user’s intent.

Digital Giants created monthly content calendars for Kaycan’s marketing team.

The new content filled in the gaps where Kaycan wasn’t being found for searches around their products.

Existing content was updated and optimized for related keywords. This saved time in writing new content.

Having a set schedule helped Kaycan start to produce content on a regular basis.

Kaycan’s content was better tailored to match their key personas, addressing their specific pain points and challenges.

Kaycan was doing a better job of reaching their audience and solving their questions. As a result, Kaycan became more visible in search results related to their products.

As a result, Kaycan was able to bring more users into their conversion funnel and ultimately increase conversions.



  • Kaycan’s average position on Google for their product pages is 7th. Their rankings increased by 93 positions overall.

  • Google search traffic from users in the US increased 49%

  • Goal completion / conversions increased 54%

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