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Digital Giants partnered with Kaycan to help grow their web presence. Our client had over 50 locations in North America. So with the recent changes to Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business, Digital Giants proposed an experiment to determine whether posting more frequently would increase in local search appearance and generate more in-store traffic and leads.





  • Increase search and Google Maps appearance and engagement for each location.
  • Increase phone calls, direction requests, and Google Business profile views.


How we got there

Digital Giants proposed a small study using four of locations. Choosing locations independent of each other ( separate geographical markets) Digital Giants set the benchmark for each profile based on their average performance over the previous 12 months. This would account for the seasonality of the industry.

Digital Giants posted content that was repurposed from the client’s website once a week for 2 months. The content was posted on the same day each week.



  • The stores appeared in 119% more searches
  • Total Actions taken by users increased by 29% (website visits, direction requests, phone calls, messages)
  • Total views on Google Search and Google Maps increased by 112%. One location had 6,800 more Map Views.
  • The average increase in phone calls was 29 per month. (Does not account for offline calls*)

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