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Home 9 Project 9 Turning Point Counselling New Website
Home 9 Project 9 Turning Point Counselling New Website

Turning Point Counselling came to Digital Giants to create a website that better reflected their brand and personality and spoke directly to their ideal client. We completed persona and customer journey work with them so when it was time to gather content, it was clear what was needed, making the process that much easier. The result was a clean and modern website that took the user through the customer journey from awareness to conversion.


Service based business


Customer Journey

We worked with the Turning Point Team to create 3 persona’s that best represented their ideal clients. We dug deep when it came to what these ideal clients were looking for in the beginning, middle and when making the ultimate decision to use Turning Point. The sitemap and website content grew from this work to ensure the ideal client had everything they need to feel that Turning Point was the right choice.



When selecting a theme to work from for Turning Point, the easy choice was an Elegant Themes layout which utilized animation of “points” , out of the box, which complimented their brand nicely.

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Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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