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The View From Here.

As giants, our height gives us a unique vantage point. As part of our planning for 2013, we stood around and looked as far as we could see. We came up with what we call giantisms, small amount of words that have a large impact. These are some of the things we are going to focus on this year and we wanted to share them with you.

2013 Web Presence Priorities

Content: Content isn’t king. Quality content is. Focus on quality over quantity to demonstrate your authority online.

Optimization: Optimize for search, sure, but don’t stop there. Optimize for consumption, conversation, connection and conversion.

Consumption: How we consume content is changing. Think tablet and smartphones. Think smaller articulation. Say more with less, say more with images.

Plan to Grow: An optimized content marketing plan is a proven way to achieve _______ (insert goal here: raise awareness, increase leads, increase conversions, sell more). Ready?

Connections: In case you missed it: LinkedIn has morphed from “That resume site” into “The B2B LeadGen Network.”

Listening: In B2B, it’s not just about LeadGen. “Voice of the customer” has never been so readily available: embrace it.

Discovery: Can someone looking for your services and expertise find you or your company on LinkedIn.

To be Great – Integrate: Tomorrow’s greatest brands are already driving loyalty through wholly integrated social organizations.

Broaden Your Reach: Explore more social networks (for your organization) because your customers might be spending time on Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and SlideShare.

Usability: Can I find you and interact with your content using any device? Consumer use a variety of connected devices to access social media and the web.

Economize: Do more with less. Analyze what you’re measuring to gain further insight and drive your strategy.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts? What priorities are on your list?