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Case Study: Childcare Enrollment Campaign

Remington YMCA Calgary Childcare Enrollment Campaign

Using gShift’s kontextURLs to track multi-channel campaign engagement & results.

Project Info

The YMCA Calgary opened two new childcare centres: Quarry Park Child Development Centre and the brand new Remington YMCA Child Development Centre. To help provide opportunities for all members of the community to access these facilities, they turned to us, Digital Giants, to build awareness to help fill open spaces. This was a short, one month campaign.

Campaign Goals

  • Raise awareness of the new centres
  • Drive more traffic to the website and encourage visitors to sign up for a tour
  • Increase enrollment
  • Educate about the YMCA “Play to Learn” Curriculum™


In just 30 days:

  • Website traffic increase: 10%
  • Pageview increase: 31%
  • Potential ROI of 26% based on completed registrations
  • 3,085 clicks to website from influencer blogs

This image, taken from the dashboard of our campaign in gShift shows the one channels path to conversion.

What we did

Via a multi-channel online marketing strategy, leveraging online social media influencers, advertising, and informative content distributed and tracked through multiple channels to drive leads to the website. This was a short, one-month campaign.

How we did it


Developed content assets to help inform and educate the audience about the new centres and the YMCAs “Play to Learn” Curriculum, including videos and a blog. Leveraged existing photos to help illustrate key benefits to the audience.

Website and Landing Pages:

Updated the website landing page and created a series of campaign specific landing pages to improve conversion. Landing pages were updated throughout the campaign using data-driven insights from analytics and monitoring each channel.

SEO and keywords:

Conducted research on keywords to use for the content and online advertising. Leveraged backlinking opportunities through the influencer blog posts.  

Influencer campaign:

Worked with local influencers to write blog posts. Each influencer was given unique URLs (kontextURLs by gShift) to use within their blog posts as well as of the blog posts themselves to distribute to their social media channels. These URLs enabled us to track the effectiveness of each influencer and each of their channels in driving traffic and conversion on the website and landing pages. Without the use of kontextURLs, this data would not have been available to us.

Name kontextURL Clicks Unique Clicks
Playing to Learn Curriculum image dgtl.bz/hn70d3 18623 15474
CGY – CC – FB Paid – Landing Page my-ym.ca/ljqcvm 1696 1371
CGY – CC – Google Grants  – Landing Page my-ym.ca/0u2lnv 973 907
CGY – CC – FB Paid  – Landing Page B my-ym.ca/a93rjy 257 226
CGY – CC – TW – Blog – Bnb my-ym.ca/6vrf2bp 215 215
CGY – CC – TW – Blog – kids love CC centre my-ym.ca/n2copz1 154 148
CGY – CC – Confirmation Email – Logo my-ym.ca/lmc1t3 112 95
CGY – CC – FB – Blog – Dad-camp my-ym.ca/25d15vx 111 101
CGY – CC – FB  Blog – The Importance of Outdoor Play – with #YMCAChildCare – calgaryplaygroundreview.com my-ym.ca/mjv8j4 76 74
CGY – CC – TW – Blog – Dad-camp my-ym.ca/vlzogvw 67 66
CGY – CC – YMCA Blog – Children Near … my-ym.ca/hmqbnk0 49 49
CGY – CC – YMCA Blog – child care centres in Calgary my-ym.ca/vbkyzc 45 45
CGY – CC – PlayGround – Blog – Anchor Text my-ym.ca/n11hi1d 44 41
CGY – CC – Webpage – Thank You my-ym.ca/e3v2ri 33 30
CGY – CC – PlayGround – Blog – Anchor Text my-ym.ca/35tmt6u 30 29
CGY – CC –  TW Blog – The Importance of Outdoor Play – with #YMCAChildCare – calgaryplaygroundreview.com my-ym.ca/npj9by2 30 28
CGY – CC – FB – Blog – kids love CC centre my-ym.ca/f04wa5 29 25
CGY – CC – Buzz Bishop – Dad Camp Blog – Quarry Park Childcare Centre my-ym.ca/ww3ltqw 26 26
CGY – CC – Buzz Bishop – Dad Camp -Blog Anchor Text my-ym.ca/sdyrnz3 23 23
CGY – CC – Bits n Bites – Blog – Anchor Text my-ym.ca/2f2j1t 21 19
CGY – CC – Email – Download my-ym.ca/lh2zmus 19 8
CGY – CC – FB – Blog – Bnb my-ym.ca/xiwfkej 14 14
CGY – CC – Landing Page B my-ym.ca/t4jwg1 8 8
CGY – CC – Email – Landing Page B – Video Play my-ym.ca/6tmz5mp 3 1
CGY – CC – Google Paid – Landing Page my-ym.ca/meu25d 3 1
CGY – CC – Email 3 – Link my-ym.ca/wfaak2t 3 2
CGY – CC – Insta – Blog – Bitsnbites my-ym.ca/bnbplay 2 2
CGY – CC – Email – Landing Page B – Blog my-ym.ca/m49ycc 2 1
Total 22668 19029

This table showcases how many clicks each kURL we created received.

  • Paid Social campaigns:

    Created advertising campaigns for Facebook, Google Grants and Google Adwords. Unique URLs (kontextURLs by gShift) were used in all of the advertising in order to track the effectiveness of each of the ads in driving traffic and conversion.

  • Social Media:

    Created an editorial campaign to drive traffic to the website. Used unique URLs (kontextURLs by gShift) to track each piece of content and each channel to better understand which pieces of content were driving traffic and conversion to the website from which social media channels.

This image is taken from the gShift interface showing how our kontextURLs performed on each channel.

  • Campaign measurement:

    Using unique URLs (kontextURLs by gShift) enabled the Agency to track on-site, and more importantly, off-site content engagement metrics with infinite levels of tagging for detailed, segmented reporting.

    • A/B Testing
    • Data review
    • Conversion monitoring and optimization

Two days after launch, the team poured through the results and were able to optimize conversion components with real-time engagement data.

Taken from the gShift interface, this image shows us a timeline of clicks and unique clicks for our campaign.

The launch of the enrolment strategy has enabled the Calgary YMCA to see an increase in brand awareness and qualified leads in just one month.

Longer term the blog posts continue to drive traffic and connections.