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ZTE Canada


Project Info

ZTE Canada partnered with Digital Giants to help launch the new Grand X View 2 tablet in Canada.  DG developed a multi-channel digital campaign, including an influencer marketing campaign, to grow product and brand awareness.

The audience for the cost-effective, yet feature rich tablet is families with young children.


  • Increase brand awareness and confidence for ZTE
    • Measured by:
      • Website visits and click throughs to carriers
      • Positive sentiment via blog and social media comments
      • Likes and shares on social media

How we got there

Created and launched a multi-channel online marketing strategy focused on leveraging online influencers, creating informative content and used multiple channels to drive visitors to the site and to Canadian telecommunications carriers. This was a short, one-month campaign.

Engaged influencers across Canada to try the product and share their experiences through their blog and social media channels

With our target persona of families with young children in mind, we created an aesthetically pleasing landing page which focused on the key features of this tablet that families would find attractive
Once we engaged our 6 influencers, we sent them an influencer toolkit. The toolkit included information about ZTE Canada and the tablet, the landing page URL and ZTE’s social media profiles, logistics and custom URLs (gShift’s kontextURLs) to be able to track each influencers link back to the Grand X View 2’s page
Our contracts with the influencers allowed us to re-share and post their photos on ZTE Canada’s social media channels to further increase reach and engagement
Because each influencer used custom URLs for each of their posts to their website or social media we were able to gather robust metrics to provide to the client

The measure of success


1,024 engagements (likes, comments, retweets) on influencers social media channels in two weeks


523 unique clicks to the Grand X View 2 landing page in two weeks

Successfully grew brand awareness and consumer confidence for ZTE and the Grand X View 2, through positive sentiment
The blog and social posts will continue to drive traffic to the landing page and further engagement

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