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In 1992, one of the eighteen Baldwin brothers (this is for effect, I know it’s Alec… stay with me) said “coffee’s for closers.” The rebuttal was, “the leads are weak”, to which Alec said, “you are weak.”

This stays true through today, tomorrow, and throughout your career as a sales professional without proper alignment with your digital marketing.

Do you want the Glengarry leads?

Yes, yes you do…

The Glengarry leads are now discovered and nurtured through strategic digital marketing plans. In case this term is a little grey, strategic digital marketing is marketing online with a purpose and system. It is a way to connect your sales and marketing team to help your business be found online.

Digital marketing is more than just social media, or an email marketing campaign. When done right, a measurable digital marketing system can drive leads and connect you to opportunities online.

Turning Leads into Customers

You may want to get an ice pack and possibly some towels, because this scenario I present might be mind blowing. Imagine leads that have gone through your digital marketing and social channels, educated themselves on your product or service, trust your company, and are in buy mode. Imagine being able to track that — heck, even get an email to call them when they reach that stage.

Sounds absolutely amazing, right? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a click away, but using a proper digital marketing strategy with systems such as marketing automation and content calendars, will continuously funnel people to your business who can be educated and turned into profitable customers.

Let’s look at the stats why you need to be on board with a digital marketing strategy and plan:


Make a Plan to Keep the Customer Coming to You

Despite all the evidence that demonstrates how a digital marketing strategy can increase sales, some companies don’t ask themselves the basic questions to attract customers online.

A few things you need to ask:

  • How do they find you online?
  • What questions do they need answered that lead them there?
  • Do they trust you and need you?

Face it, if your website sucks, you need a plan to fix it. If you need a plan to fix it, you need a strategy to bring more people to it. And if you are bringing people to your site, you need to have the content in place to guide them to the answers they need. Face it, the buyer is in control: if they can’t find what they want from you, you won’t be considered. If you aren’t being considered, you will never be able to generate any Glengarry leads… 

How Can a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan Help You?

A collaborative and strategic digital marketing plan offers so many benefits. From a marketing perspective, it will make you look like a superstar. From a sales perspective, it will bring you the Glengarry leads.

What does that ultimately mean? Happy leadership, happy salespeople, and full wallets (or a larger number in your mobile banking app).

Whether you belong to a marketing or sales team, when challenged with the question “how do I drive more qualified leads and convert them to sales?” or “why are we not getting Glengarry leads?” the response is quite simple: we need to develop a collaborative digital marketing strategy and a plan.

Connect with us to develop a collaborative strategy and implement a plan that will cast a Giant shadow over your competition.

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