Why You Need to Spend Less Time on Facebook and More Time on LinkedIn: Part Two

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When I wrote this post last year, little did I know that it would be one of the most read stories on our blog. And now here it is a new year, with LinkedIn and Facebook both at their 10 year anniversary. Let me ask you this, if you are on both social channels, where have you dedicated more of your time making connections?

My guess is Facebook. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. But let’s talk about why you need to change that.

Even for me, LinkedIn was the first modern social network that I joined. I completed my profile, connected with colleagues and clients….and then I routinely forgot about using it. Instead, I consumed myself with Facebook and Twitter. Even Google Wave, Buzz and eventually
Plus received more of my attention than LinkedIn.

A Giant Wake Up Call

According to our Digital Marketing in Canada Research Report, 58% of businesses believe digital marketing helps them drive business leads. Yet, more businesses choose Facebook (60%) as their social channel of choice, rather than LinkedIn (48%). I’m here to tell you that it’s time to change your focus.

Ignoring LinkedIn is No Longer An Option

In The View From Here – 2013 Web Presence Priorities, we highlighted LinkedIn as a useful prospecting tool and reliable source of leads for B2B marketers. Last year it was reported that LinkedIn replaced Facebook as the top social media platform among “Inc. 500″ listed companies.

If you find that surprising, especially in light of Facebook’s significant user base (1,230 million versus LinkedIn’s 277 million users), consider this: most of Facebook’s users aren’t on Facebook to “do business”. And now, LinkedIn is more focused on sales solutions than ever before with its social selling tool Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Means Business

You already know that LinkedIn is the leading way to recruit or be recruited by other businesses. Now add to that:

  • – The power of communicating in groups (where your prospects or customers may be searching)

  • – Exploring the right people to connect with for potential business opportunities

  • – Its robust social selling tools

  • – The ability to demonstrate thought leadership

The result is clear: LinkedIn is where you need to be spending your time if you want to generate qualified business leads and partnerships. Don’t believe us? Just read LinkedIn’s latest quarterly results proving the growth of the channel and the success of its marketing solutions.

Ready to get started?

With more than 200 conversation per minute on LinkedIn and more than 2 million groups, what are you waiting for? Check out this post on what you should do right away on LinkedIn and stay tuned to our blog, Twitter or Google+ for upcoming social selling tips for LinkedIn.

If you’ve already given LinkedIn your best shot and still aren’t convinced of its results, reach out to us, and we’ll help you take a Giant leap.

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