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Imagine sitting at home in the dark, watching a marathon of horror movies. The movie is frightening, unexpected and is sure to keep you up all night, but really, you love every minute of it. And you’ll probably come back for more.

Sometimes we hear people talk the same way about digital marketing. They’re scared of the unknown, don’t know where to start and dread the possibility of failure. But we promise there’s no need to be afraid. With all our tips, tricks and how to’s, you’ll soon be coming back for more, just like watching those horror movies.

1: Speaking to no one on social media

Many businesses aren’t on social media because they fear no one will listen to them, share their content, or engage with their posts. They are also afraid of the time it takes, are unsure of what to say and have no idea which social channels to use. Well, it’s time to put that fear aside. Today, social media is one of the most effective tools for generating business leads and building trust with brands. You will get from social what you put into it, so yes, it takes time. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

First, read this post about how to choose the right social media channels for your business.

Second, get convinced a little more with the 3 reasons why B2B companies need to be on Twitter.

And finally, toss that fear to the trash with our complete guide to using social media for lead generation.

2: The unknown of email marketing

You see lots of emails coming into your inbox from other companies, but you aren’t convinced they work. With so many emails hitting you and more regulations surrounding their use, you think email marketing has gone to the graveyard.

Let us show you why that mindset needs to be tossed to the curb — because the reality is that email is not dead, it isn’t spam, and the majority of people actually open if you created and executed the right message. And hey, it’s also ranked as the #1 preferred communication channel by consumers for initial introduction to a product/service, learning about a product/service, and post-purchase follow-up about a product/service.

Read more here: Email Marketing Matters And Here Are The Stats To Prove It

3: Drowning in a sea of content

This just might be the scariest one on our list, but it’s arguably the most important today. Without content, businesses can’t educate and inform their audience, and drive leads to their website. Let’s take the scare factor out of content…

No clue where to start? Read this post about getting started in content marketing.

Afraid that you don’t have any good content to share? The Top 6 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Need some tips on blog writing? Check this out: Write A Blog Post People Will Care About With These 4 Tips

Ready to move on to visual content? Good, because it’s way more effective at reaching and engaging your audience. Find out how here: Why Your Content Needs To Be Visual

4: The abyss of paid advertising

Paid or pay-per-click advertising is everywhere today: Google, Twitter, Facebook, promoted posts, boosted posts, sponsored posts — just to name a few. The list seems infinite! If your business is of afraid of wasting money on the wrong paid advertising option, in the dark about how to create an online advertisement, or unconvinced about their value, we have some tips to get you out of the abyss.

Read more here: How To Grow Your Business With LinkedIn Advertising

Or try this one (it’s applicable to more than just manufacturing companies):  How Manufacturing Companies Can Generate Leads Through Online Advertising

Get schooled on building a Twitter ad here: How To Create a Twitter Lead Gen Card

5: Lost and don’t know where to start

Get out of the dark and creepy maze, and instead get found! Digital marketing doesn’t have to be scary if you know where to start. We’ve broken getting started down into a proven 7 step process and we’ve put this process to work with our clients — so we know it works.

Read more here: The 7 Steps To Getting Started In Digital Marketing

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