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Repurposing is something you probably do every day without thinking about it. You just reheated your leftovers in the microwave. You just logged onto your Kijiji account to sell that old bike. You went to check out a thrift store last night to see if there were any designer jeans.

So then why aren’t you putting the practice of repurposing into your content marketing strategy? Repurposing content is a simple way to create more content, in less time, and in turn, boost your SEO and domain authority.

High-quality content can drive more traffic to your site, increase your brand’s reputation and establish you as a thought leader in the space. But creating content is not only time consuming, it also takes you away from other aspects of your business.

So how can you write less and get more traffic to your site? Start repurposing your existing content.

What is Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is the recycling content you already have in new formats. Taking a blog post and turning it into a listicle, turning a video into a blog post, etc. The options are endless.

Why Should I Repurpose Content

You don’t have to create content, day in, and day out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have… in the hands of more people.” – Derek Halpern from Why Bloggers Fail

Extend Your Reach

By reformatting your existing content, it makes your message more appealing to wider audiences, hence extending your reach. Some people don’t want to read an entire blog, so why not turn it into an infographic!

Keep Your Message Top of Mind

You’ve taken the time, done the research and written a great, information-packed blog that is highly valuable to your readers. Two months later, it’s in your blog archives. By repurposing content, you are reinforcing your message and keeping it top of mind to your readers.

Improve Organic Search Rankings

By repurposing content in a variety of mediums, for a given search term, you are creating more content to take up real estate in organic search rankings for that term. Try to make at least some small adjustments to the content to avoid duplicate content errors. (See a full list of tips to avoid duplicate content on Denise Wakeman’s blog)

How to Repurpose Content


What Content Should I Repurpose?

First off, take some time to review your analytics to see what content on your website is the most popular. Look at pageviews, time on page, bounce rate and social media engagement.

Next, think about what keywords are receiving good search traffic and have mid to low competition. (Need help with keyword research, check out this great blog by SEMRush) What content do you have around those keywords that can be reused.

Lastly, take a look at blogs with outdated references. Update these with new statistics or backlinks.

Ways to Repurpose Content

Take a small excerpt from your blog post and use that as a Facebook post.

Take a quote or a statistic from your post and Tweet it.

There are three options for publishing on LinkedIn: You can rewrite the blog and create an article, you can share the blog on LinkedIn using “publish a post” or use “share an update” to share a small quote or statistic.

Take the images from your post and pin them to relevant boards and link back to the blog.

Overlay short blog content, quotes or statistics over a topical image or background. Use free image maker Canva. Post on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media sites.

Create an infographic by taking key points from the blog and illustrate the content. Try Venngage if you can’t afford a graphic designer.

Have a blog that could be turned into a list? Steps? Repurpose into a quick read blog post, or newsletter. Ensure your title is catchy “5 ways to…” and your content is actionable.

Create a video using the same topic and content. This could be someone speaking on the topic, or create an animated video. Alternately if you already have a video, transcribe it and use stills from the video to create a blog.

Interview a customer, someone in the industry or a team member. Create a video, blog post or images/graphics.

Content updates
Create follow-up pieces from popular older content. Share these on social media.

Slide Deck
Create a slide deck out of your blog post and upload it to SlideShare.

Read your blog post aloud, record it, and upload it.

Webinar/Video tutorials
Use your blog post as the basis for a presentation. Create a video of you presenting, upload to your site or YouTube or keep it private and use it as gated content.

Have a great spreadsheet or template someone else might find valuable?

Dive deeper on specific blog posts to create a valuable guide or ebook. Or use a few blog posts, images, and infographics and combine them into an ebook or resource guide.  

Case Study
Take a blog topic, and find specific examples you have worked on, on that topic. Use internal data to show your expertise in this area.

Tomorrow, when you go to heat up your roast chicken from last night, start thinking about the content you already have written and how it might be able to be repurposed into something new and exciting. Make it a game – try taking 5 pieces of your content, and thinking of 5 new ways to repurpose them. Try to tackle 1 every 4 days and in 100 days you will have 25 new pieces of content!



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