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It is appropriate that one of our first blog posts is about optimized content marketing. Why? Because a well executed optimized content marketing strategy drives more and better qualified sales leads to your site.

Case in point:

Digital Giants used optimized content marketing to propel Ontario’s injury lawyers firm, Ferguson Barristers LLP to 50% growth in new business.

What is an “optimized” content marketing strategy?

Optimized content marketing is where content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media intersect. An optimized content marketing strategy comes into play in matching your understanding of exactly what your prospects and customers need to know… with keywords that drive organic search traffic and conversions – then socializing your content in relevant and compelling ways, through your organization’s social networks.

Key Benefits of an Optimized Content Marketing Strategy

  • Improve visibility and prolonged organic search rankings
  • Increase impressions and engagement with your content
  • Build authority, trust in your brand – expanding your web presence
  • Increase volume of clickthroughs, conversions and leads generated
  • Lower cost per lead and decreased overall cost of acquisition

A Word of Caution:

“Benefits” almost seem to imply that optimized content marketing is somehow “optional”. It isn’t. The internet has made it easy for customers and prospects to evaluate before they commit to purchase – by searching before you buy. In fact, 9 out of 10 business buyers say when they are ready to buy, they will find you. The majority of those buyers, 81% of them start the process with a web search. (http://www.slideshare.net/G3Com/content-preferences-surveyfinal)

Content Quality

To succeed today, your organization must consistently create and publish content that your audience will find value in. If your content isn’t interesting, useful, or engaging people will naturally stop paying attention. By contrast: Fresh, relevant, timely, and optimized content leads to search visibility, social sharing and interest in taking the next steps toward consideration and purchase.

Optimizing Your Content

As you can imagine, there are several lenses through which content can/should/must be optimized.

  • Search visibility
  • Consumption
  • Engagement [aka your “beautiful content” content]
  • Conversion
  • Web analytics

We’ll cover each topic in some detail in upcoming posts. Circle back, or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest.

Where Are You in Your Optimized Content Marketing Strategy?

If you are lost, or simply not getting the results you want, consider getting in touch. For a limited time, we are offering qualified prospects free keyword analysis and optimization recommendations. To learn if your business is qualified, simply introduce yourself to @bedigitalgiants or via our contact page.

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