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Need Traffic? Here’s How Websites Can Generate Leads

Only 41 percent of Canadian businesses have a website. The other 59 percent are missing out on massive opportunities to generate leads. Generating better quality traffic can lead to, well, leads, which means more business for you and more revenue.

There is a whole host of different ways that companies can make the most of the traffic that comes to their sites. In this article, we’re going to show you how you can make more leads that lead to more word-of-mouth, more reviews, and more opportunities for growth.

If you want your business to thrive in the internet age, you need to make lead generation a fundamental part of your website’s design. There’s no excuse for not capturing potential customers.

Ready to learn more about how to generate leads with your website? Then read on!

1. Include Your Contact Details

You can’t generate leads if you don’t have your contact details on your site. If someone has questions or wants to speak to a member of your sales team but can’t find your details, they’re going to head somewhere else. You need to feature your phone number or email address somewhere on every page of your site.

This could be in a header or a footer or as part of your logo. Regardless of where it is, your phone number or email address needs to be on your site. Why not offer both and make communication even easier?

If you’d like to offer a way for your customers to get in touch with you at that very moment, adding a live chat feature to your site can work wonders. If you ask for their email address when logging into the live chat, you’ll be able to work email marketing magic to generate leads, too.

2. Offer a Newsletter or Run a Contest

Speaking of email marketing, one of the best ways to harvest email addresses is to offer a newsletter. Create a pop-up that asks for an email address, promising interesting tidbits of news and the latest discounts that your company has to offer. You could also use an exit popup as a last-ditch attempt to grab an email address before the user leaves your site.

Whatever method you use, your newsletter needs to be worth subscribing too or people will unsubscribe fast. Offer interesting content that’s shareable and compelling. Let your subscribers know about the hottest new products or services that you’re offering as well as any discounts or upcoming sales that you’re going to run.

If you’d like to offer users a little something extra, you could offer entries to a prize draw in exchange for signing up. Running a competition with a great prize can both generate leads and help you get rid of old stock.

3. Build Your Website Around Generating Leads

Your website design should be built around generating leads. By this, we mean that it should feature good optimization across the entire site, all aimed at getting leads for your business.

Landing Pages

One essential component of web design for generating leads is having landing pages. A landing page is built around one thing and one thing only: generating leads. Link to them in blog posts, emails, and optimize them for certain keywords so that they appear in search results.

A Little Something Extra

When someone enters their details on your landing page, give them something in return. Your “thank you” page should include an exclusive offer that this would-be customer can use on your site.

You should also tailor the confirmation email to the customer, too. Having unique landing pages related to different topics makes this easy. For instance, if you optimized a landing page for “roof repair” and they signed up there, offer them more information about your roof repair services.

4. Build Trust to Generate Leads

If there’s one thing that helps to generate leads, it’s offering customers reassurance and cultivating trust. You can achieve this aim by using trust seals on your website. These small icons such as those offered by Norton and McAfee, show that you’re a secure website that’s true to your words.

They will feel more secure in handing over their email address, knowing that you aren’t going to phish or scam them. Another great way to demonstrate that you take security seriously is by getting an SSL certificate. There are several different kinds of SSL certificate but they all work the same way: they show that you’re encrypting information for the recipient’s eyes only and that you are who you say you are.

Pages that use the HTTPS protocol also receive an SEO boost, which can help draw more customers to your site.

5. Use Video For Lead Generation

Video content can go a long way to helping generate leads. There are certain situations and topics that are a little complex to explain using words and a video can help explain it faster and more concisely.

There’s also the added benefit that video can be used to make your products or services look more inviting. To go back to our roof repair earlier, showing your workers in action repairing a troublesome roof demonstrates your expertise to the viewer.

There’s a cardinal rule with video: don’t talk at your viewers. Speak to them as though they were friends and on an individual level. Inform them all about your services and products in an easy, relaxed manner.

6. Keep Testing

The best way to ensure that you carry on generating leads is to test your site over and over again. Take a look at how effective your current measures are at generating leads.

If they’re effective, try applying these techniques to other pages. If they’re not, try another technique and see if it improves.

We Can Help You

It can be difficult to generate leads but with a well-designed and optimized website, it becomes a lot easier. That’s where we can help you.

We’re experts in web development, SEO, and digital marketing. Our team boasts experts across a diverse range of fields and we can help you make the most of your website.

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