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Bag-on-Valve technology

If you’ve ever used sunscreen in that handy spray can that sprays at all angles continuously, you’ve used bag-on-valve technology. What is bag-on-valve and why should you care? Well, there are only a small number of people in the world that really need to care about the biggest innovation in the aerosol industry in the past century.

Truth is, there are many more uses for bag-on-valve technology than just sunscreen, particularly in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.This is part of what makes it a game changing technology — it’s innovative, versatile, convenient, effective and environmentally friendly.

For the leaders at Aurena Laboratories, Magnus and Lars Hedman, they knew they needed to generate the right leads to their website and then educate them about bag-on-valve. True industry pioneers, they had the clever foresight to stake their claim with the domain bagonvalve.com. But the leads weren’t coming in – it was time to put a digital marketing strategy in place. That’s when Digital Giants stepped in to build the bagonvalve.com web presence and generate leads.

A Game-Changing Strategy

We started by analyzing Aurena’s current plan to develop benchmarks and determine what aspects were falling short. This in-depth analysis identified opportunities to build the bag-on-valve web presence, by examining the following:

  • How easily were they found when customers were searching online?
  • Who were their customers, and what were their pain points?
  • How do they rank online in comparison to competitors?
  • What kind of reach does their content have?
  • Should they be on social media channels, and if so, which ones?

For Aurena, our analysis revealed three key strategies and goals:

  1. Educate the marketplace about the benefits, utility and strategic value of bag-on-valve as a game-changing technology
  2. Position bagonvalve.com as the leading authority for bag-on-valve technology and its diverse product applications
  3. Create awareness and drive demand for Aurena’s unique contract manufacturing service and private label product offering

So What Next?

Armed with an analysis and an understanding of the right strategy, we set our sights on activating the plan. For Aurena, and likely for many other game-changing innovations, this required:

  • – A revamped website, sharing quality content and graphics to showcase the product
  • – Search engine optimization to drive conversions via organic and paid search
  • – Targeting trade publications, influencers and thought leaders to position content where the audience may be looking for it
  • – Development of consistent, monitored and optimized social spaces

The Results

Today, bagonvalve.com’s optimized web presence and optimized content marketing strategies are driving qualified sales leads daily to Aurena’s inbox. The site is enjoying a steady and significant increase in numbers and now acts as an industry leader for information about bag-on-valve technology. Let’s have a closer look at the details: 

  • – Increase in lead generation: Aurena averages a 20% increase in qualified sales leads per month
  • – Achievement of organic search dominance: Bagonvalve.com is in the top ranking on Google for 15 targeted keywords, outranking all competitors
  • – Dramatic increase in site content engagement: Blog received nearly 800 page views, and content generated a 100% increase in backlinks, driving increased referral traffic and enhancing search engine authority
  • – Improved site traffic: Nearly 60% increase in visitor traffic and increased goal conversions from zero to 1,500 in less than one year
  • – Fully-optimized social spaces: Resulting in a 70% increase in social signals and website referrals

If you are looking to market a game-changer successfully, a strong web presence isn’t optional — it’s essential. And it’s all measurable and easy to change along the way to drive more or different results.

If you want to reach, connect with and convert prospects into leads, reach out to us, and we’ll help you get started.

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