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When I started from my spare bedroom eleven years ago, there was an immense excitement around internet businesses. It felt expansive, full of energy and unfocused. That’s what made it so exciting.

However, most of my early days were exactly the opposite. I was intensely focused on the next day of work. A few years in, social media appeared on the screen and I started teaching myself everything and then learned on my own how to (survive) operate a business. I could bore you with a bunch of details but I’ll save those for my memoir.

Forward to today – the first official day of business for Digital Giants – our new full service digital strategy-marketing and web presence firm.

Now that the Giants have entered the building- What can you expect?

Digital Giants primary focus is on crafting and implementing mind blowing web presence strategies for B2B and B2C companies, within a variety of industries. Our core services include:

Why the change?

When I founded MH Connect, we still used fax machines more than emails. Starting as the sole employee and owner, I built the foundational goals of the firm off of the word ‘Connect’. I worked to evolve and grow the company through focusing on strengthening and building client relationships along with increasing my presence throughout social networks.

I knew that with the growth and expansion of the firm it was time for a change.

This realization lead me to the creation of Digital Giants…

Why Digital Giants?

Our team decided upon the name Digital Giants, as we wanted a name that portrays the ultimate goal of what we want to achieve for our clients – not to mention that it sounds AWESOME.

Although the word “Connect’ has been removed from our name; this is still an integral aspect of what drives, motivates and empowers us to become thought leaders within the industry.

I am extremely pleased to announce the launch of our website: www.bedigitalgiants.com and encourage you to connect, engage and share your thoughts with the Giants through our website and social networks!

Let’s be Giants Together. 

Marc Hill | @mhill

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