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How Article Re-writer -Tools Can Be Handy For Content Writers

If you’re a blogger or content writer, you always need to publish high-quality content on websites to get better rankings in SERPs.

Every content writer needs to write original content to make sure that the information is delivered in a unique style.

Sometimes, writers may need to write content on the same topic that they have done previously.

To deal with this, they can use multiple online article rewriters to create quality content within no time.

Article rewriter helps a user in rewriting a huge amount of content just within a single click.

Advantages of using article Re-writer Tools

Several article rewriter tools are available on the internet and they can be handy for content writers in the following ways:

Saves Time of several Content Writers

An online article rewriter saves time for many content writers, bloggers, and SEO experts in publishing excellent quality content within no time.

These online tools let users generate multiple articles in a short time.

If a writer rewrites an article manually, it will take 25 to 30 minutes or sometimes more than an hour depending upon the length of content.

But, if the writer uses a content spinner, all of the work can be done within a few seconds.

All you need to do is to simply paste the document into the rewriter tool and it will only take a few minutes to create unique content in less time.

Prevents Writers from writing content on the same topic

Writing content on the same topic, again and again, can cause frustration. 

This is just because the same data keeps getting repeated and listed every time. 

Being a content writer, if you consistently vary your writing style, it gets boring.

To deal with this, writers can use online article rewriting tools.

This will help to prevent writing on the same topic and it also helps to create new content on every submission.

Increase Productivity

One of the best advantages of using an online article rewriter is that it rephrases content within a single click.

It allows users to create multiple quality and unique articles in a short time.

If you rewrite articles manually, it takes a lot of effort and time.

The main purpose of using a content spinner is to produce more quality content by changing its actual meaning.

The online rewriting tools help users to increase their word count by quickly creating more productive content.

Improves the Search Engine Rankings

Uploading quality and original content are the quality that every search engine checks to rank a website,

Any website that publishes creative and high-quality articles will quickly rank up in the SERPs.

And to upload new and creative content in no time, the online article rewriters can help a lot of writers to produce excellent content in no time.

Also, unique content plays a great role in attracting more. audience 

Further in this article, we’re going to describe some of the best article rewriting tools along with their features and more.

Top 3 Article Re-Writers for Content Writers

Article rewriters play a major role in creating new content in a short period.

Mentioned below websites are providing the best article re-writing tools:



The article re-writer by Prepostseo helps to create unique and 100% original content within no time.

The rewriter helps to assist content writers and bloggers to publish plagiarized-free content.

The user interface of this incredible tool is quite interesting and free to use for all online purposes.

Simply paste the text into the input box of the rewriter and click “Rewrite Article”.

The article rewriter uses advanced algorithms and scans the entire document to generate different and creative content.

The online article rewriter replaces specific words and sentences to generate a new shape of the article.

It also focuses on creating unique content without changing its meaning.

Features of Preposseo’s Article Re-writer

  • Unlimited Rewriting: The best thing about this excellent rewriter is that there is no restriction on the use of it. It allows users to generate unlimited free content.
  • Google Drive: The rewriter provides an option to upload files directly from Google Drive.
  • Chrome Extension: Its Google Chrome Extension is also available for a content writer to paraphrase content within a few seconds.
  • Provide Suggestions: The online rewriter provides the best suitable suggestion to create a different article.
  • Advanced Version: The advanced version of this content spinner comes with some incredible features. On rewriting the article for the first time, it further provides a suitable suggestion before making the final report.

While rewriting, it also users to paraphrase again the written content to get an accurate result.

  • 100 % Secure and Free to use: The online writer is completely secure and free to use for every online purpose.


The Seotoolzz is also providing one of the finest article rewriter tools to do multitasking. It helps a lot of users in creating different content for every research. The user interface of this online tool is simple and easy to understand. Simply paste the text into the rewriter and click “Unique Me” to generate a new document.

This article changer scans the document and does some required changes to produce different content within a few minutes.

Nowadays, content writers are facing some issues while publishing a huge amount of quality content within a short time.

This online tool helps many bloggers and writers to modify their articles and other documents in less time.

Features of Seotoolzz Article Re-writer

  • Copy and Paste: The tool allows users to paste the text directly into the input box of the rewriter to make the content effective.
  • Sentence Changer: It also uses the sentence changer technique and changes specific sentences and words to create new content.
  • Original Content: This online tool creates original content within a limited time.
  • User-Interface: It has a simple and easy interface to modify the text to make the document attractive.
  • Generates Final Result: This online tool generates the final report and allows users to analyze changes in the file.


The content rewriter by Aiarticlespiner provides the best possible accurate results to avoid content duplication.

This online tool uses the synonym changer method to convert the written text into a different one.

All you need to do is to paste the text into the rewriter and click “Rewrite” to proceed.

The tool further scans the text file and implement some required changes to modify the text.

Features of Aiarticlespinner Article Re-writer

  • Files Uploading: The tool allows users to quickly upload files in multiple formats.
  • Uses Synonym Database: The tool uses its unique synonym changer database and replaces specific words to modify the given document.
  • Creates Creative Content: This online tool uses advanced algorithms to create high-quality content to avoid copied content issues.
  • Highlights the Modified Text: After checking the entire document, it highlights the modified text to check the difference between new and previous content.
  • Copy to Clipboard: After generating the final result, it provides an amazing feature to copy text to the clipboard.


Wrapping Up

Writing and publishing quality content is the need of every content writer and blogger.

Online article rewriter tools can be handy for content writers because they save time from rewriting the same content again and again.

As a content writer, you can use one of the mentioned above article rewriter to create original content within a few seconds.

All of these tools use the latest technologies and algorithms to create effective and plagiarism-free content.

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