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Optimize Your Job Listings for Google Search

What is Google Jobs? 

Google for Jobs is a built in job feature that includes job postings right in Google’s search results interface. This saves users time, removing the need to sift through a number of job listings, across third-party sites  to find one that suits them. 

With Google for Jobs, Job searches can be tailored to locations, roles/ titles, a company, and more.  Users simply need to conduct a search on Google, and Google will add the Google for Jobs box to the search results.

How do you get a job posting on Google for Jobs? 

To have your job posting show up on Google For Jobs you will need to do two things. The first thing you need to do is to post your job listing on third-party sites like Glassdoor. It is believed that Google prefers these websites over a company’s career portal. 

The second thing you will need to do is add the correct structured data  to your job listing. By including structured data on your postings it allows Google to pull data from specific fields. To be eligible for Google For Jobs search results the following information is required both the postings and within the structured data.  

  1. The Company Name
  2. Job Title
  3. Job Description
  4. The Job Location 
  5. Posting Date & Expiry Date if possible

In addition to this information you should also include the following: 

  1. Type of employment (full time / part time)
  2. Salary range or hourly rate
  3. Requisition number in your application tracking system (ats)

Job Posting Tips

Job Post Title

The title should be easy to understand. Try to keep the title concise and descriptive. A good idea is to use the role as the title, for example: “Store Manager”.

Things that should be avoided are acronyms and abbreviations. A common example is using “VP” instead of “Vice President”.  Salary should also not be included in the title. 

Exact Job location

Be sure to include the address and postal code / zip code for the location. This is a ranking factor, and the closer the user’s IP address is to the location the better chance your job post will show up in the search results. 

Posting date 

Including the date of the job posting is important and “freshness” of the job post can be considered a ranking factor. –

Expiry date 

Like the posting data you should try to include an expiry date. This helps users as well as Google understand when the job ad has expired.

How to Apply Structured Data to Your Job Posting

Adding the structured data to your job posting is not overly difficult. Using this schema markup tool, simply select the structured data template you need and fill in the fields. 

Once you have filled everything in, copy the code and test it using Google’s rich results test. Once your markup passes you can add it to your job posting.  This is simply done by adding the snippet to a text block as text ( be careful not to use the visual builder) or adding a code block on the page.

Be Consistent With Your Logo

When you are submitting your job postings on your website as well as third-party sites be sure to use a high quality, consistent image of your logo.  This image will be seen by both users and Google when it crawls the job posting. Using a high quality version of your logo will help you perform better in the results than a low quality, blurry logo.

Check your reputation

Be sure the review websites like glassdoor to find out what people are saying about you. Company reviews can appear in Google job searches. If your company has a poor reputation this could hurt your performance in search and reduce the likelihood of job seekers applying.

Track Job Postings Using Google Search Console

Once you have completed your job posting(s) make sure you monitor them in Google Search Console. Under “Enhancements” there will be a “job posting” section. In this section you will be able to see any errors or warnings present in your job postings. 

search console job post errors

Following these tips can help you get your job listings in front of job seekers earlier in their search.  With a few small additions to your job postings, your visibility will increase and get you the applicants you want.

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