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Getting Started With YouTube Ads

Have you been considering advertising on YouTube? Well, you should.

YouTube is one of the busiest websites on the internet with over 2 Billion users logging in and watching YouTube each month. It is also the second-largest search engine behind Google and the second most popular social network.

Digital Giants has developed this resource to help you understand how you can get started with YouTube Ads and which format is best for your goals.

How do YouTube ads work?

Google owns YouTube and you can take advantage of this growing, diverse entertainment channel. All you need is a YouTube account and a video uploaded.

YouTube ads are like TV commercials, but with a much higher degree of targeting. YouTube uses the same targeting methods like Google Ads so your videos can reach your desired audience either while they are searching (using keywords), while they are browsing topics (topic-based targeting) or through placements (alongside specific content).

And similar to Google Ads, you can decide how you want to pay for ads: by views, by clicks, or by conversions.

TrueView video ads give YouTube viewers the ability to choose which video ads they want to watch and when – meaning you won’t pay for unwanted views.

There are two types of TrueView ads and many format variations:

  • In-stream ads run before, during, or after videos on YouTube or on video partner sites and apps. They give viewers the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds. These ads help you drive awareness for your brand and products while people are watching a video.
  • Video discovery ads appear in places where viewers discover content, like on YouTube search results, next to related videos, and on the YouTube mobile homepage. They invite people to click on a thumbnail to watch your video ad and help surface your videos to an interested audience.

You can create TrueView ads in Google Ads using the “Video” campaign type.

Trueview Ad Formats

Skippable In-stream Ads

YouTube Trueview In-stream Ad

These are the ads that play before, during, or after videos. The viewer has the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

If you choose to use CPV bidding you only pay for the view if the viewer watches 30 seconds or the duration of the ad if it is less than 30 seconds.

Alternatively, you can use CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) bidding, paying each time your ad is shown 1,000 times.

In-stream ads are only available for specific campaign types, they are:

  • Leads
  • Website traffic
  • Brand Awareness and Reach
  • Product and Brand Consideration (all)
  • Campaign created without a goal

Non-skippable Trueview In-Stream Ads

These are 15-second (or shorter) ads that can not be skipped and allows the ad and deliver the entire message to the user. These ads appear on YouTube videos, videos on partner sites, and apps on Google’s Display Network.

Non-skippable In-stream Ads are CPM so you will pay each time the ad is shown 1,000 times.

The only campaign type to use this ad is “Brand Awareness and Reach”.

Video Discovery Ads

YouTube Trueview Discovery Ads

Video Discovery ads are shown in places where users are able to discover the ads, such as the next to related videos on YouTube,  in YouTube search results and the Youtube mobile homepage.

These ads consist of a thumbnail image from the ad and some text, inviting users to click and watch the video.

These ads can appear:

  • On YouTube search results
  • Alongside related videos
  • On the mobile homepage

The ads are charged only when viewers choose to watch the video by clicking on the thumbnail. This ad format is available with the following advertising campaigns:

  • Products and Brand consideration
  • Campaigns created without a goal

Outstream Ads

Outstream ads are mobile-only video ads that show in apps or on partners’ websites on phones and tablets. This ad format is an excellent choice to reach your audience on mobile.

Outstream ads will show with the sound off and users can tap the ad to enable the sound. You will be billed when the ad is shown for two seconds or more and take up over 50% of the screen. This format is designed to increase video reach at an efficient cost.

These ads are charged based on viewable cost-per-thousand-impressions (vCPM). You are only charged when the user sees your video for two seconds or more.

Campaigns that use the ad format are:

  • Brand Awareness and Reach
  • Campaign Created without a Goal

Bumper Ads

These are short video ads designed to allow you to reach more users and increase awareness about your brand.  They reach the users broadly with a short (6 seconds or less) memorable message. Users are unable to skip these ads.

These ads appear on YouTube videos, on videos on partner sites, or in apps on the Google Display Network.

These ads use a CPM bidding method so you will pay each time the ad is shown 1,000 times.

Campaigns that use the ad format are:

  • Brand Awareness and Reach
  • Campaign Created without a Goal

Masthead Ads

These ads appear at the top of the YouTube Home Feed on Desktop, Mobile, and TV screens. These ads appear first and foremost to users as the Home Feed is a very important destination. These ads are only available on a reservation basis. These ads are an excellent choice if you want to reach a massive audience in a short period of time.

These ads are billed as cost-per-day (CPD) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM).

Ready to Get Started With YouTube Ads?

No matter what your advertising goal is YouTube has a solution to help you reach it. With a wide selection of placement and bidding options, YouTube is an excellent choice for any size business. With over 2 Billion monthly users YouTube is a channel you can’t afford not to be on.

If you have any questions about YouTube Advertising feel free to reach out to us here at Digital Giants.


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