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Digital Giants is 10 years old this year. Although we won’t be receiving Happy Birthday wishes on our Facebook page, we plan to celebrate all year long!

Marc Hill, 2012

We’re extremely proud to be a decade old, it is a major milestone for many businesses. In fact, fewer than half of service-based small to medium businesses in Canada are able to write about this anniversary.

Since our inception, we’ve had the privilege of working with 100s of clients locally, nationally and internationally across many sectors, including charities, different levels of government in Canada, the US government, financial services, private equity, mining, home improvement and home builders, generic pharmaceuticals, consumer products and electronics, professional services, and many more.

Over the last decade, we have witnessed significant developments in digital marketing. We’ve followed the trends closely, adopting new technologies and adapting our processes to help our clients grow online faster and easier.

At the core of what we do is people. We owe our success to past and present staff, our clients, and our partners who have all contributed to where we are now. Together, we have produced good work and made it a fun journey. Thank you for making it worthwhile.

We are proud of the work we have done for clients, the small or large part we have played in helping them grow online. Throughout any assignment, we have looked to partner with our clients to be online, be found and be top of mind. Some have been with us from the beginning and others became Giants in their industry, to the point we could no longer serve them.

We are equally proud of our community work, helping different charities and non-profit organizations learn digital marketing and grow online.

Digital Giants has always been a digital company first. We embraced working online before the pivot to work from home happened in the past few years. Our systems have always been set up for us to work from anywhere and deliver to our clients.

Like many businesses, we’ve experienced major growth spurts and plateaus. We’ve seen staff gain foundational skills they took to new places of employment and others bring their talents and expertise to assist our partners and clients. We are proud of your accomplishments and eternally grateful for your contributions.

During the past ten years, we have produced tons of content. Our blogs are recognized globally and many have been translated into multiple languages. Our workshops, research, webinars, guides, ebooks and social media postings have helped thousands to learn and grow online.

Our accomplishments are significant and too numerous to mention. As we embark on our next ten years, we look forward to a Giant future and continue to change and add new capabilities to better serve our clients and offer innovative solutions for emerging challenges. We will continue to leverage creativity and technology to deliver results that exceed expectations and make you
Digital Giants in your industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people and organizations that have placed their trust in us during these ten years.

Thank you, you are all Giants!

Marc Hill
Owner, Digital Giants

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