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Buzz term or reality?

It seems wherever we look, the word ‘engagement’ is being used to describe something related to social media or the web in general. Is it all just buzz, or is digital engagement really here to stay and worthy of all the talk?

Let’s start by understanding exactly what digital engagement is. In simple terms, digital engagement is ALL online conversations surrounding a brand, organization, person or particular topic. Digital engagement illustrates not only how you captivate and interact with your audience but also, how your company is observed and recognized online. Its importance can no longer be ignored as global audiences seek brand engagement to satisfy their needs and wants.

What can digital engagement do for you or your brand?

  • Build online networks and connections: use social media platforms to have a conversation with your consumer.
  • Direct to buyer communications: engage your consumers with advertisements that encourage them to take an immediate action.
  • Media partnerships and PR: these industries are changing, but media and PR personnel continue to stay “connected”.
  • Educational materials and webinars: creating educational materials for your consumers provides endless opportunities to build your brand awareness, generate new leads, nurture existing leads, educate influencers, deepen existing customer relationships and demonstrate the technical aspects of the solutions you provide.
  • Support your event promotions and sponsorships: socialize your content through your organization’s social networks in relevant and compelling ways.
  • Listen to what clients are saying about you: social platforms work in real-time, this gives you the advantage to interact with consumers immediately following a question, concern or positive comment.

Digital engagement is not a new or trendy lifestyle. It’s not just a buzz word. The reality of our socially connected environment is that all digital channels, which include web, mobile, social media, digital marketing and real world store engagement need to support and complement each other. If you’ve made an attempt at venturing into the online world, then you’ve already made a level of commitment towards having an online presence. Understanding how to plan and implement a digital engagement strategy is the next step. But we’ll save that discussion for a future post. Stay tuned!



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