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I come to you with a challenge! This one won’t require too much physical effort on your part, I promise. Even better, it will only take 20 minutes of your time to adopt the workflow shown below by Salesforce and it could change your career.

With this challenge I can promise you a few things:

  • It will require effort…sorry.
  • It will not be overwhelming.
  • It only takes 20 minutes a day.
  • It will unlock warmer leads and opportunities.
  • It will shorten your sales cycle.

Getting Started With LinkedIn in Less Than 20 Minutes Per Day

In 2017, the buyer is in charge and they are looking for you and your products or services. If you are using social selling as part of your sales process, one of the first places your prospects will find you is on LinkedIn. Your profile on the #1 social media business platform needs to immediately build trust and reflect your brand. My profile is a good place to look if you are just getting started with LinkedIn.

Everyday I leverage LinkedIn and Twitter to build social proof and my personal brand which allows me to establish myself as a trusted adviser. How much time you spend is a personal choice, however in less than 20 minutes a day, you have the ability to connect, engage, and listen to the your prospects build their trust and offer solutions.

So if you are new to the social selling game, this challenge is a great place to start. For the veteran of social engagement, this challenge is great for a check up on your process for connecting and engaging socially.

Here’s how Salesforce breaks the 20 minute LinkedIn sales prospecting process down….

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How to Increase Productivity

Via Salesforce

Connect and engage with LinkedIn

If you have questions, want a few personal tips, or want to talk digital marketing strategy, connect with me, or you may want to use our guide to help you start connecting on LinkedIn. Download it now via the link below.

how to use linkedin

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