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How to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

One of the most important metrics for your business is your website’s conversion rate. This metric measures the amount of people who visit your website and how many of them take action, such as buying something or signing up for an email. 


The conversion rate is something an organization should always look to improve. Improving your website’s conversion rate can have a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line. In this blog you will learn how to calculate your conversion rate and different ways you can improve it.

How to Calculate Your Conversion rate

To calculate your conversion rate, you divide the total actions taken by website visits. An example of this would be, if you had 200,000 website visits in a month and during that month, 4,000 users purchased a product from the website. The conversion rate would be 4,000/200,000 = 2%.

Improving your website’s conversion rate can help transform more visitors into customers, and more customers means higher profits. In addition to this it also helps reduce the cost of acquisition as it increases the conversion rate from users already on your website. 

At Digital Giants we are always testing new ways to improve our conversion rate. To help you increase yours, we are sharing our 8 best ways to increase your website’s conversion rate. 

1. Include reviews and testimonials on your website

Today, 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product or service. The opinion of other satisfied customers and your online reputation matters to your website visitors and future buyers. This is the reason why you should include testimonials on your website, once they can increase your conversion rate.

You can also add Google and Yelp reviews to your website for your leads to see other testimonials about your brand. If your reviews are good on these platforms, it will be good for your conversion rate. However, if your reviews are not good, you will need to work on improving the comments about your business or your conversion rate will be zero. 

2. Reduce the size of your forms

One of the most important things to increase your conversion rate is by reducing the length of your forms. Have you ever gone to purchase a product or service only to be interrupted by a needlessly long form? Nobody wants to fill that in, including your users. 

Lengthy forms will reduce your conversion rate, people don’t want to spend a long time trying to buy something. Try to keep your forms as short as possible  and include only the  fields for the necessary information. 

Another good aspect in shortening your forms in terms of conversion is the fact that you gain trust with your customers. People will be more likely to fill in short forms because they know it won’t take long. As a result, this will help to improve the conversion rate.

3. Add live chat to your website

Live chat helps your users when they are trying to find an answer. Live chat helps users find answers to their questions much more quickly and with less effort. By doing this the user is less likely to abandon their journey and take the desired action.  

If possible, consider having a sales person or another employee manage the live chat and handle any incoming questions from your users.  This person could assist the user with their query and help them to take action. 

Live chats are easy to add to your website and there are many plugins (a software add-on that is installed on a program) that you can use. Once installed, the plugin will work as any app for instant messages such as WhatsApp or Messenger. You can even receive email notifications every time you receive a new message. 

4. Create a good CTA (Call to Action)

Another thing you can do to increase your conversion is to create a good CTA, which is the call to action. The CTA could be a download, to subscribe on social media or newsletter, to attend an event, and more. 

The CTA needs to be visible and your users need to be able to access it no matter where they are on the page. Furthermore, the sooner the CTA appears on the page the better. You don’t want to risk your leads leaving the page before scrolling down and seeing your CTA, so make sure that it is placed at the top of the page. 

5. A/B test your CTA and headlines

Conducting an A/B test is always good for you to discover what is working and what is not. You can test different types of CTA’s that you are using, check what kind of keywords users engage with more and what keywords they don’t, etc. You can also test the colors you are using, the tone and the length of your text and see what works best. 

Another strategy you can do is A/B test your headlines. The majority of people will read your headlines, but if you don’t have an engaging headline, your readers will not read the rest of your texts and will leave your website. 

When you are A/B testing your headlines, you can test a variety of things including length, different offers, and different messaging. The length of your text should not be so big but it needs to include your keywords. Furthermore, the tone of your headline needs to be conversational and talk directly to your audience. For example, if your audience are marketing professionals, you need to create headlines that will engage people in this area and not people in the healthcare industry. 

6. Remove Distractions of Your Website

If your website has many distracting elements that divert the users’ focus, you should consider removing these elements. Your page should be easy to navigate and concise. Only show the essential information for your visitors without losing the main goal of your page. 

If you don’t know what is a distraction in your website, you can use some tools that will show you maps with the elements where people most click and don’t click. You can remove everything that people don’t click on your page and this will optimize your conversion as well. 

7. Add a Pop-Up to Your Website.

Including a pop-up on your website is one of the ways to increase conversions. Pop-ups could be very effective if done in the correct way. You should not be interrupting your users in their journey. 

One method to use is having a pop-up trigger when a user is about to exit your website. Offering a small discount could be enough for them to take action.

Another strategy you can implement in your pop-up is to make it easy to close. You may think that the more time people see your pop-up, the better, but if you don’t catch people at first, and don’t give the option to close the pop-up, you can lose a future client. 

Last but not least, you need to make sure that your pop-up will only appear once per user. You can set up this in the majority of pop-up tools and it is super easy. This will avoid people seeing the same pop-up every time they load a new page and will avoid losing a person who is navigating to your website. 

8. Improve Your Page Speed

Did you know that 40% of people abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to load? That’s why it is so important for you to have a good loading page to increase your conversion and avoid people leaving your site. 

You can analyze your site speed with some tools on google. If you are having low loading speed, you should consider taking some actions such as make your images smaller and compressed, diminish the size of your videos, and use a tool on your website to verify what can be optimized to increase site speed.  


The conversion rate is a metric for success for websites that is important to all businesses, once it is about transforming leads into customers. It is essential to take some actions such as include reviews on your website, increase page speed, and make good CTAs to increase conversion rate. Having a high conversion rate will help you to get a more profitable business and increase your reputation. 

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