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Marc Hill


Marc directs strategy, business development, and drives innovation of client services. He has a gift and passion for making connections between people and ideas, and for connecting people and companies with their broader communities.

I feel privileged to have worked in three different countries while gaining national and international experience in marketing, public relations and social media. In those twenty years, I have developed and implemented unique strategic programs for a diverse client base from start­ups to multinationals in various private and public sectors. As the founder, President and CEO of Digital Giants, I lead the business development and the agency’s strategy and growth plans and contribute to the evolution of client services. Because I thrive at finding connections to seemingly disparate phenomena, I love exploring ideas with the other Giants and working directly with clients on their challenges. As a creator, and driver of new, unique business ideas, I have a passion and strength for connecting people and companies with their broader communities. I continue to see each new day and client as opportunity to think differently. I have a passion to make a difference by participating and connecting with people in both my local and global communities.

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